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Our goal is to deliver cost effective, scalable IoT solutions for remote communications, device management and data collection.

We serve Mobile Network Operators,
IT Managers, Operations Managers,
Wireless Service Providers, and SME Businesses,
delivering unparalleled services tailored to your unique connectivity needs.

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idatanet provide solutions to the following industries

Our team offer 30+ years of wireless and IoT knowledge in:

IoT Solutions for Agriculture


Using smart sensing and wireless technology
to improve irrigation, fertilization, yield
and more in farming and agriculture.

Industrial IoT solutions

Industrial IoT

Monitoring and Managing assets, equipment
and infrastructure in manufacturing,
warehousing and construction.

IoT Solutions for Enterprise

Enterprise IT

Primary internet access or fixed line failover connectivity for distributed office,
retail or branch environments.

Smart solutions for Logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

In-Vehicle and Warehouse internet access for
fleet management, logistics, security
and telematic data.

IoT for Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Empowering councils and governments with connectivity for infrastructure, buildings, public spaces and traffic management.

Healthcare and Medical IoT Solutions


We power remote diagnostics, telemedicine
and independent living solutions through
wireless communications.

IoT Solutions for POS systems and retail environments

Retail & Payments

Wireless Monitoring and Communications for
ATMs, Vending Machines, Kiosks, Digital Signage and Point of Sale systems.

Smart solutions for Mining

Oil, Gas & Mining

Employing remote control and management to improve safety and efficiency around the
extraction of primary resources.

IoT Solutions for Energy

Energy & Utilities

Managing the reading, collection and distribution of traditional and renewable resources for consumer and business use.

Solutions for environmental monitoring

Environmental IoT

Deploying sensors and data-loggers for
environmental monitoring, disaster prevention
and regulatory compliance.

IoT Security solutions


Add wireless connectivity to a host of security solutions including CCTV, Access Controllers,
Alarm Panels and more.

Internet connectivity for public transport networks

Public Transport

Add wireless connectivity for public wi-fi
and telemetry data to buses, trams,
trains and more

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